Artefacture is a product brand exploring new paradigms for design, production and distribution. As we know, the present day model of global consumerism is wasteful, expensive and not sustainable in a world of finite resources.

With this in mind Artefacture is exploring new and better ways to make simple, beautiful, useful things and to get these things to people in the fastest, safest, cleanest, most sustainable way possible.

At home 3D product printing holds great potential when compared to the conventional commercial model. Raw material sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, inventory management, transportation etc. all take up huge amounts of energy and resources. This new ‘print at home’ model is ultimately more future friendly for both the producer, consumer and planet.

Currently Artefacture is focusing on smaller scale desktop office, housewares and personal accessory products. With current 3D printing constraints, these type of objects lend well to being printed either at home or by a 3D printing service at a reasonable cost. As 3D printing advances and becomes more accessible, Artefacture will pursue new product design opportunities in other areas.

We are also currently working with other vetted product designers to provide a platform to showcase their work free from the bias and limitations of conventional product to market scenarios. This model will also benefit our customers and provide access to a variety of new, exciting product designs.

Launched by Andreu and brother Chris, Artefacture came on the scene in 2005 as a typography based, design themed t-shirt brand. With claim to fame t-shirts:  “Design Will Save The World” and “I Will Pay For Good Design” Artefacture got quickly picked up by the blogosphere and soon became a cult hit for designers across the globe.

Andreu Osika
Rebooting Artefacture has always been Andreu’s goal after putting the brand in stasis in 2011. Several years later he was inspired by how far 3D product printing had advanced and began to bring back the brand as a hybrid digital + physical product company. Today Artefacture’s products are designed in the amazing city of San Francisco and can be printed anywhere.

Apart from running Artefacture, Andreu is a branding and digital experience design director, working with global clients. He has been recognized for his graphic, web, and industrial design work and has been published in Graphis, Communication Arts, Young Designers Americas, International Design, Critique, Newsweek magazines and The Boston Globe.
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