DescSeries Product Line


With the relaunch of Artefacture our intent is to offer elegant, useful products that can be easily printed at home or by a 3D print service at a reasonable cost.

As mentioned elsewhere we are initially experimenting with desktop office products, housewares and personal accessories. New product designs in these categories are in the pipeline and we plan to release these in the coming months.

Artefacture Pencil Cup

Another area we are exploring is RTA furniture using CNC milled birch plywood and 3D printed assembly components. This hybrid approach presents some very intriguing design possibilities - an initial step in this direction is with our standing work desk. We plan to release this with other offerings in the near future.

Frist Line
DescSeries is our inaugural product line of 3D printed desktop accessories. The lineup includes a pencil cup, mobile phone tray and business card holder. Granted these are simple, unassuming products, but they afford us a valid introduction into 3D printing and clearly show the potential for more ambitious projects.

pencil cup sketches

Design Language
DescSeries objects share a common design language - a continuous, ribbon or sheet like form used to express the objects intended functionality. Flowing, radiused corners finish off the simple yet effective design approach. We think you’ll agree that these understated items compliment any modern at home or office workspace.

Artefacture Mobile Tray

Touchpad Stylus
The unprecedented days of covid have motivated us to create a touchpad stylus to help keep you safe while at the check out counter. Attach it to your keychain or place it in your bag for easy access. You can quickly print this at home and use it in no time - to download the free STL 3D print file, please visit here.

touchpad stylus sketches

Artefacture Touchpad Stylus

We are very excited with this first step into the world of 3D printing. We are glad to have you join us and look forward to the journey together. We hope you download, print and enjoy these products as much as we have.

Thank you, until next time! - Andreu O.

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