Artefacture Modular Organizer


Its been quiet over the last several months, work and family life have kept me busy, but luckily I've managed to find time to release a new 3D printed product. The Artefacture Modular Organizer is the newest edition the DescSeries lineup.

As I say in the description, the organizer offers an elegant and flexible approach to displaying and keeping track of your personal or office accessories. It comes in multiple tray and cup sizes allowing you to mix and match any combination that suits your particular storage needs and space requirements.

Initially I was working on a wall mounted version, but at the time a good solution wasn't presenting itself so I switched gears and went for a desktop application. The organizer is designed to be configured in multiple ways and hold a wide variety of desktop objects, jewelry and even small potted plants.

Parodia magnifica living in its new home

for jewelry and small objects

When you purchase and download the file you get 8 (zipped) separate STL files: 4 cups in tiny, small, medium and large sizes and 4 trays in 1 to 4 cup configurations. The trays all have a recessed feature for the cups to snuggly drop into, keeping them secure and also aligned and uniformly spaced.

Larger cups can hold your favorite writing instruments, glasses, keys or even a few bags of peanut M&M's. I wanted the cups/trays to be big enough to be useful but small enough sit comfortably on a desk, night stand, dresser etc. You can even use it in the kitchen to help store and organize all the ephemera that usually kicks around in a junk drawer.

large cups for mechanical pencils...all the M&Ms were consumed prior to the shoot

2 cup configuration

The bottom of each cup features a de-bossed Artefacture logo, just in case you forgot what cool company granted you the gift of printing such a cool object - just kidding, it was the only spot that 'topologically' worked!

As usual I printed this at Shapeways using the Multi Jet Fusion process in the Nylon 12 (Polyamide) Glassbeads material. Though expensive, I love this printing process and the clean, precise output it generates. There is no post-production work I have to deal with - no removal of supports, sanding, painting etc. The prints do offer a slight grainy texture, but I like that as it gives the piece a matte, pleasant to the touch finish.

artefacture modular organizer cup - bottom view
debossed logo at the bottom of cup

I had alot of fun designing and printing this newest Artefacture item and am very happy with its functional and elegant design. You can check out and purchase the organizer STL files here. I hope you enjoy it and find as much use for it as I currently am.

Thank you, until next time! - Andreu O.

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